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The alpaca breeding community includes an array of rather opinionated folks, each convinced that their breeding programme is the most appropriate.  Only time will ultimately tell ....

In the interim, we suggest you listen to all (or maybe most!) of the opinions, sort out the hype from reality and make your own choice.

 Follow your own instincts and your heart - you won't be disappointed.




The comments presented here summarise the concepts supporting our breeding programme ..... if you agree with our logic - you will be pleasantly surprised with the animals we have for sale ..... if however, you have been convinced there is a financially viable "industry" based upon white dense fibre - we wish you well!

With a national herd of maybe 8,000 alpacas, competing on the international raw fibre market does not, in our opinion, appear to be a viable option for New Zealand.  Production of high quality knitwear using NZ grown natural colours seems to us to be a more viable alternative.  Breeding for natural colour is also responsive to the worldwide trend of placing considerable value on natural products.

An of course, there is the far more important aspect of breeding coloured alpacas.  They are beautiful.  A very significant factor in why we farm alpacas is the pleasure it gives us to simply view the elegance of these magic creatures as they peacefully share our small block.  The thought of a few thousand white alpacas on an remote station is simply not us.  Cottage industry?  Absolutely - and happy to be there.

Our breeding focus

"The Mini's":  Our mini series includes a bloodline which has consistently produced very small alpacas.  "Small" is defined as less than 5 Kgs. at birth, about 25Kgs. at 1 year and about 40Kgs. at full maturity. 

Yes of course they produce less fibre than a typical 70 Kg alpaca but what they do produce is generally  extraordinarily fine. 

Their compact size makes virtually all aspects of animal husbandry easier, and quite simply, makes for a more pleasant paddock experience. 


Baccardi - A "Mini" sire


Colour:  The natural colours are utterly magnificent.  Alpacas are beautiful creatures, and, the addition of colour dramatically enhances that beauty.  Add a splash of white on the socks or face and you suddenly have a very unique individual. 


Adorable friendly animals:  Alpacas are fun to be around.  When you and your children enter the paddock, the alpacas should be keen to greet you, welcoming you to their home.  With the array of colours, shades and markings, they each stand out as the individuals that they really are.  

Alpacas are naturally friendly and inquisitive.  Add daily contact and the use of sires with pleasant dispositions, achieve a splash of white on the face and you'll be surprised at the number of hours you'll spend in the paddock just chatting.


Fineness:  Fineness in alpaca fibre is similar to location in real estate.  Sorry but the beautiful large house on the hill complete with swimming pool in the wrong part of town is worth considerably less than a beach cottage in Tutukaka.  Without fineness ....... density, crimp and definitely white, are of little value. 

To qualify as the luxury fibre which alpaca purports to be, fineness is an absolute necessity.  Shearing large quantities of fibre, which does not achieve an acceptable level of fineness, produces no end product for us.

Density, is of value only if the micron is low enough to produce fine garments.  Without fineness, density is, quite frankly -  more fibre to the tip. 

Crimp is lovely to look at, and if you have a sheep wool background, something very desirable.  However, focusing on the alpaca world, the mills processing alpaca fibre rank crimp at the bottom of their requirements list. 

While some of our bloodlines are now producing lovely crimp, our finest fibred alpacas have very little crimp - but then, nor did the vicuna - the finest fleeced animal in the world, from whom the alpaca descended.

Have a serious look at some very special alpacas by joining us in the farm stay accommodation or call in for a preliminary look whenever convenient.  Alternatively, email or phone for specific listings and details.  We have a large selection of alpacas to choose from.

Female Packages include:  

A free night in our farm stay accommodation to train the new parents.
Halters and leads.
Written care instructions.
Guaranteed good health including all required shots at date of purchase.
Vet check and written pregnancy confirmation (if applicable).
Guaranteed live birth (if applicable).
Lifelong consultation - anytime 24/7.
Summer camp accommodation while you travel (agistment fees apply).
Free delivery from Auckland to Kaitaia (beyond = cost reimbursement).

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