Rocky Bay Alpacas 
Alpaca Fibre
Tutukaka, New Zealand

Alpaca is considered to be one of the finest fibres in the world.  Its structure is similar to that of human hair, and it strength is greater than that of merino wool.  However, unlike wool, alpaca contains no natural lanolin or oils.  Alpaca fibre is medullated, or hollow, thereby providing excellent thermal properties within extremely lightweight garments.   The fibre was referred to as "the fibre of the Gods" by the Incas.

Our on farm alpaca shop features the finest selection of pure, un-dyed natural alpaca fibre.  We offer a variety of colours.  Alpaca fibre is sold as washed and carded ($10/100 grams), or, for  the spinner who prefers the fibre directly from the animal, we have "raw" fibre, ($7/100 grams).

Samples are available upon request.

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