Rocky Bay Alpacas
Tutukaka, New Zealand

Quality Alpaca Halters & Leads
Light weight, non-rusting, quick attach/release

Our alpaca halters use a 3 ring system with adjustment provided behind the ears.

Halter construction includes a  braded colourful nosepiece, nylon webbing, neoprene snaps & all stainless steel rings.

Halter sizes include:

  • 2 month: to get young cria accustomed to the halter
  • Weanling: 6 months + - good for halter training - lightweight and non slip when fitted properly
  • Medium: same size noseband  as the weanling halter, plus more length in the neck strap
  • Large: larger noseband and longer neck straps
Halters are black with a braided colourful nosepiece. The lead is made of  nylon webbing and includes a quick attach/release stainless steel snap shackle.


Fitting Instructions:

Open the neck strap.  Put the alpaca's nose thru the braided noseband and tighten the neck strap.  By tightening the neck strap quite snugly the noseband should position just under the eyes and away from the soft cartilage of the alpaca's nose.


The neck strap must be very snug, that is, just able to snap shut without discomfort to the alpaca - one finger clearance under the nose strap is a good rule of thumb.

When training an alpaca with a new halter, it is best to remove the halter to make adjustments.  Once properly adjusted, subsequent fittings  are a snap


Neoprene snaps are used with the full knowledge that they are weaker than buckles.  This weakness is more than adequately offset by the ease of use, quick attach/release function, light weight and non-rusting characteristics.

We prefer to break the snaps rather than the alpaca's neck!  In the very rare instance of breakage, we shall be happy to replace the snap free of charge.


Halter & Lead
NZ$ 39

GST Inclusive
Plus Postage



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