Rocky Bay Alpacas

Tutukaka, New Zealand


Wethers, gelding, neutered males …are  all one in the same.  These  lads have had the misfortune to be judged by us to be unsuitable to our breeding programme.  Many of them have, or will soon  be, castrated thereby terminating their reproductive capacity before it ever gets started.

Their "misfortune" is however, probably more the human interpretation of an event deemed to be "undesirable" from our own perspective.   What does the alpaca think? We'd  suggest that he actually feels relieved.  Relieved   from a lifelong struggle for dominance within the herd - the never ending need to establish or defend one's position at the top of the pecking order, or, for the less aggressive, the constant vigilance of just keeping out of the way as the others remind the herd of their superiority.

In exchange for the lost potential of an active sex life, the wethers move from their mother's care to a group of inquisitive, friendly, easy going fellow wethers.  At RBA, this transition is softened by our ability (because of large numbers) to move "mates" from mother's care to the "big boy" group.  It is a bit frightening for the first day or two, however, the newcomers to the group form an incredibly tight bond amongst themselves, - at least for the first 48 hours.  After about 48 hours, they're best mates with the new mob.

Snickers DOB 20/12/02

One of the wether mobs
on their way to the barn for

So - what's the consolation prize for my lost sex life?  a new wether  once asked me. I explained - Start with expanded freedom.  Your mum and the other ladies stay in the southeast paddock until the finish their feed.  Then they move to the southwest paddock, then the north, then the west and so it goes - one paddock at a time.  Jack,  (the wether I was talking to at the time), I said, you on the other hand will find numerous paddock gates open - all the time.  Those open gates lead to an extensive race network covering the RBA farm.  Take a morning stroll.  Visit a few seldom-visited paddocks, and then call in for an early breakfast at the barn - that's that big timber box we people sleep in.   Being right at our doorstep each morning, inevitably results in the honour of being fed first and of course the first cuddle of the day from Kathy.
Sure, there is a training pen right there and yes we do ask you to put that funny thing on your face - but hey, do you see the others complaining?  They know very well the training pen is chocker block full of treats and an over abundance of kudos from mum Kathy…. She gets so excited, at the mere sight of you with a halter on.  Walk through the maze of pens behind her (nothing difficult Jack - she leads the way - all you have to do is follow) and you'll get more treats and cuddles in short order.

And mate, graduation day, you see that big blue ocean out there - well Jack, we walk all the way to the beach - while all of those silly sex crazed "entire males" (big deal!) gaze in awe at how "lucky" you are to have been castrated!  Oh, the stories you can tell after returning from the beach on graduation day!

And then what?  Yes I know you have magnificent fibre and mum Kathy makes really nice stuff with it and yes, you could stay with us to train next year's young ones.  However, while you've been hang'en out at the barn - other two-legged ones have been watching you.  It's that perpetual smile of yours and that all too often cuddle you offer to the two leggers that has resulted in yet another adventure in store for you.

Climb aboard our float, say farewell to "those of continuing testicles". Those fellows on the hill, always on the hill, always having their heated debated - dreaming of the day when the boss will call them in for the once a year moment of glory.  You Jack, will be off to a new home.

Yes it is a big step forward.  You'll be leaving your mates - possibly for a long time.  There won't be the RBA race and fun paddocks anymore - no more training time with mum Kathy nor the sunset snacks and chats we've grown accustomed to.  However, I think you will approve of the next adventure. 

You see Jack, your new family has not been able to bear any alpacas themselves.  Try as they might, the goldfish and cat have just not hit it off and there's no longer any hope for a cria to be born at the Jone's.  You and your best mate Bob, are about to be adopted by the Jones.  As you know, Kathy has been secretly sussing them out to make sure they will truly love you and they've passed the test with flying colours.  They have a small block - but mate is it a hoot!  It's so different than here - you'll just love investigating.  They promised not to overdo the affection, but we know the type - they'll be talking your ear off and laying on the tucker.

Yes Jack, you are right - there are a lot of two-legged ones hanging out at the barn these days.  Of course, we won't let just any of them take your mates away.  Take for example Star - Star, the wise old man, will go nowhere without his mate Fred.  They're equally ugly, and their fibre is best thrown out each year.  No, we'll make sure they stay clear of those "yuppies" in the flash car ….. we'll find them a home together where someone will adore their ugliness.  (Postscript;  Fred and Star are now happily settled into their new home with loving parents - who do absolutely adore them both)

DOB 14/02/05

DOB 03/12/03

Moby DOB 19/07/03

Picasso DOB 02/11/02

Hello again, thanks for reading this far.  Yes - we do have more photos ……. Just email or call and we will  send you a complete listing.  If however, you're going to be approved as a potential new family for our boys - you best come see them! We look forward to introducing you to some very special alpacas.

Neutered Male Packages include:  

A free night is our farm stay accommodation to train the new parents.
Halters and leads
Packed lunch (for the boys - not you!)
Written care instructions
Guaranteed good health including all required shots at date of purchase
Lifelong consultation - anytime 24/7
Summer camp accommodation while you travel (agistment fees apply)
Prices range from $400 - $1,200
(Plus GST)  

Please contact us for a list (including photos) of alpacas for sale